Kato 5229 MANI 36 (Modified from SURONE 30) N Scale

Kato 5229 MANI 36 (Modified from SURONE 30) N Scale

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Mani 36 (Surone 30 modification)
・It was created by modifying a high-class passenger car for transporting luggage. A total of over 230 Mani 36s were manufactured, supporting the increasing volume of parcel transportation.
●The luggage trains seen on the Tohoku Main Line were mail and luggage trains heading north from Sumida River Freight Station, which was exclusively for luggage in the Tokyo metropolitan area, and connecting various parts of the Tohoku region.
●Also, there is an operation called ``shipping'' where the Seikan ferry crosses the Tsugaru Strait from Aomori to Hokkaido, and within Hokkaido it is connected to express trains and local trains such as ``Niseko'' and ``Taisetsu.'' Mail and baggage cars were in active use.
-The 3070-2 EF56 primary type and the 3075-4 ED75 1000 early type, which are scheduled to be released at the same time, are recommended for towing machines.
●You can also enjoy a variety of luggage trains by combining individual luggage cars.

●The price and JAN code will change from this product.
●Other specifications remain unchanged from previous products.

[Product features]
- Reproduces the form where the gable side is flat according to the modified original Throne 30
●Arnold coupler standard equipment.

●Driver for light off switch