Kato 5269 Ohani 61 Passenger Car N Scale
Kato 5269 Ohani 61 Passenger Car N Scale

Kato 5269 Ohani 61 Passenger Car N Scale

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60 series passenger car is a steel body modified car which 3,500 both have been remodeled and reappeared by diverting the underframe of wooden passenger cars etc. in order to increase transportation capacity after war and ensure safety. There were various types of combined cars of postal items and luggage as well as third-class cars and luggage carriers. He played active part in local trains until the later years of old-style passenger cars.
A 60 series passenger car appears in the old form passenger car of KATO. This time faithfully reproduced the Oha 61 series for the mainland of Honshu with the greatest power among the 60 group. Like the 43 series passenger car, it has side windows of 1 m width, but because the seat interval is narrower than 43 series, one pair of windows is arranged.
By combining the towing machine and each vehicle, it is possible to reproduce the various organization seen in the local line normal train in the steam locomotive era.
Equalizer type TR 11 truck, Sabo received immediately under the guest window, faithfully reproduces the unique characteristics of the 61 series passenger car such as one set more windows than the 43 series passenger car.
- Coupler is a truck mount Arnold coupler.

● Ohafu 61 · Ohani 61 · Ohayuni 61 tail light on the cadence side (with light switch on). The inspection notation on the lighting side has already been printed.
● Set the ventilator as a separate part, the roof and ventilator are set to dark gray. The color of the chair in the car is set with brown.
● DCC compatible.