Kato 5304 SUHAFU 12 100 Early (JNR)  N Scale
Kato 5304 SUHAFU 12 100 Early (JNR)  N Scale

Kato 5304 SUHAFU 12 100 Early (JNR) N Scale

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・ A prototype of a car belonging to the West Japan region around 1980 (Showa 55). There is no JR mark, obi on the customer door and front through door, and the toilet is reproduced in the form of a sink tube.
-The 6-car set is a prototype of the 0 series. The roof is reinforced, the front and rear cars are not taillights, the slit-type cooler, and the intake port of the Shuff 12 is small. Only the 1-3 position side is reproduced.
・ Single Oha12 is a late model, and Suhuff12 is a prototype of the early 100s. No roof reinforcement, front and back of the emergency car, tail light, front and rear doors on the emergency room side have no holding edge, mesh type cooler, large intake port of the shuff 12 and both sides, front side of the Oha 12 Reproduced in a form with a through door.
-H rubber is reproduced in gray for each car.
・ Shuf 12 / Ohaf 13 of 6-car set reproduces jumper plug with separate parts.
-Reproduce the side door.
-Reproduce the characteristic blue body painting and two white belts.
・ Adopts a snap-on cart.
・ Tail light on the side of the emergency room of Suhaf 12 / Ohaf 13 (with switch off).
・ Shuf 12 and Ohaf 13 in a 6-car set, and the head of the emergency room side of the single Shaf 12 are equipped with a body mount type Arnold coupler, and the intermediate connecting part of each vehicle is equipped with a dense self-connecting body mount coupler. The 6-car set and the single Shah12 are included with a replacement knuckle coupler and a top self-contained coupler.
-The front hood frame of the front part of the emergency room side of the Sharf 12 and Ohuff 13 of a 6-car set and the single unit of Sharf 12 is reproduced in silver. Also comes with parts that can reproduce the front hood. Detachable as needed.
・ A destination display sticker is included with the 6-car set and the single-piece Shuf12. Contains different contents.
・ The book case of the 6-car set can hold 6 locomotives of the 12 series and 1 locomotive for towing.