Kato 6115 Diesel Car KIHA 28 N Scale
Kato 6115 Diesel Car KIHA 28 N Scale

Kato 6115 Diesel Car KIHA 28 N Scale

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Diesel Car KIHA 28

-Printing will be added to the H rubber part of the odor removal window from the 2023 remanufactured product.

[Product Features]
-Kiha 58/28 is a flat window, snow plow non-equipped, shutter-equipped Typhon cooling modified car, and Kilometer 28 is a raised roof type car completed in 1964-40. Parts that express disc brakes are attached to the wheels of Kiha 65. More realistic feet. Commercialized the 0 series for warm areas of the slit type Typhon.
-The product is set in the mid-1970s JNR era. Reproduce the appearance of H rubber gray.
-The front through door part of the leading car is reproduced in the form of a hood frame, and you can attach a through holo if you like.
-All cars except KM 28 head/tail lights, front display curtain lit (with off switch). Light bulb color LED is adopted.
-The coupler is a self-contained body mount. A body support that reproduces the air hose is also included as an accessory part.
● Cooler is AU13E for all models.
- The seats inside the car are dark blue for the normal car and dark red for the kilo 28 to reproduce the difference between the normal car and the green car.
- [Express] is printed on the front display. A replacement plain front display is included.
-A sticker containing sabots, destination display, etc. is included.
-A set of Arnold coupler and knuckle coupler that can be attached to Kiha 58 will be released from Hobby Center Kato.