Kato 7007-5 Diesel Locomotive DF200 200  N Scale
Kato 7007-5 Diesel Locomotive DF200 200  N Scale

Kato 7007-5 Diesel Locomotive DF200 200 N Scale

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DF200 Electric diesel locomotive made the debut in 1994.
The logo of nickname “ECO-POWER RED BEAR” is painted on the body sides. The locomotives of this model pull high-speed freight trains in Hokkaido. Besides one more now belongs to Aichi engine depot to study the feasibility of being deployed more widely than in Hokkaido. The number plates are now changed into number plate parts from decals for easy fitting.
Kato will make the N-scale model of the diesel locomotive DF200 200 which was transferred from Hokkaido and renovated to replace DD51 of JR Freight.
DF200 200 officially started the operation in Feb., 2018. It is characterized by the remodeling from DF200 100, such as the partly changed underfloor equipment and the number board now made in a block in exterior. Interiorly, soundproofing and security equipment were improved. As of 2020 the locomotives DF200 200 belong Aichi engine depot (Inazawa Station), drawing trains around there, tank freight trains between Inazawa and Yokkaichi, cement trains between Tomita and Yokkaichi and container trains between Inazawa and the Nagoya Terminal.

DF200 200
・ A prototype of a machine belonging to the Aichi engine ward without the JRF mark in March 2020
-Reproduce the changed asymmetrical underfloor equipment
-Achieve a realistic front mask by separating the hand pickpocket and release lever into separate parts.
-Beautiful reproduction of gray shade two-tone + vermilion body paint color
-The skirt is reproduced in light gray
-Accurately model the fearless car body, heavy dolly and roof
・ Stable running is possible by adopting a power unit with a flywheel.
・ Headlight lighting
-Selectable license plate: "205" "207" "216" "223"