Kato 7008-A Diesel Locomotive DD51-800 Aichi Depot JR Freight Color N Scale

Kato 7008-A Diesel Locomotive DD51-800 Aichi Depot JR Freight Color N Scale

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Kato will make in N scale DD51-800 which is in active service as a tractor for freight trains.
This model is a focus of public attention as the sole DD51 operated as a liner freight train in JR freight ’s fleet. It is in service mainly centering on Inazawa and Kansai Mainline ’s Yokkaichi and Nagoya Freight Terminal.

This locomotive will be made into a scale model in the recent appearance renewed as JR Freight color scheme which can be fitted with snow plows to make difference between individual locomotives.

The normal color version can be connected with JR freight version to reproduce double heading

Features Features
-A prototype of the recent appearance of the 800 series A update specification belonging to the Aichi engine district.
-Reproduce the "JR Freight" nameplate of the cab. The tablet catchers on both sides have been removed, and the sides without the tablet protection plate have been reproduced.
-The H rubber on the front window glass is reproduced in black.
-Reproduce the protrusion in the center of the roof due to the installation of the electric fan. The whistle cover and wireless antenna are reproduced as an integral part.
-Reproduce the on-board child protection plate at the bottom of the front, which is unique to the Aichi engine ward. JR freight color comes with a replacement snowplow. Two different facial expressions can be reproduced depending on the car number.
-Reproduce the similarly characteristic cold air conditioner installed on the 1-3rd place side.
-The underfloor of JR Freight color is reproduced in gray, and the underfloor of general color is reproduced in black. Maker's plate "Mitsubishi" printed. JR Freight Color: Selectable license plate "891" "1802" "1803" "1804" Inspection notation "23-6 Omiya car"
● General color: Selectable license plate "892" "896" "899" "1805" Inspection notation "21-6 Omiya car"
● A power unit equipped with a flywheel realizes stable running.
● Headlights on.
・ JR Freight Color ・ ・ ・ Selectable license plate, replacement snowplow, replacement knuckle coupler
・ General color: Selectable license plate, replacement knuckle coupler