Kato 7008-H DD51 Late Stage (for cold regions) (JR) N Scale
Kato 7008-H DD51 Late Stage (for cold regions) (JR) N Scale

Kato 7008-H DD51 Late Stage (for cold regions) (JR) N Scale

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-Of the DD51 for Hokkaido, we will commercialize the JNR color inherited from JR Freight and the A updated color.
-DD51 is a diesel locomotive for main lines that represents JNR, with 649 cars manufactured since 1962.
-A cold region specification featuring a rotating window has been deployed for snowy areas including Hokkaido.
-Among the vehicles in the Hokkaido area inherited by JR Freight, vehicles that have only updated aging parts are called A renewal color, which has a blue body and cream front, and has appeared since 2004. .
-JR Freight machines in the Hokkaido area were gathered at the Washibetsu engine depot in their later years, and in 2014 they were all retired, handing over to the successor DF200.

-We will commercialize the DD51 in JNR color and A updated color, which was active in the Hokkaido area of JR Freight.
-Enjoy towing your favorite freight cars with multiplexed operation.

【Major features】
- Commercialized based on the form around 2004. Equipped with train radio antenna, reproduces the form where hot air heating power supply is not installed on the engine assistant seat side on the unofficial side
-H rubber front window is black / side window and bonnet connection are reproduced in gray
- Adopts a power unit with flywheel for stable running.
- Headlight lighting (bulb color LED adopted)
●Equipped with Arnold coupler as standard. Replacement knuckle coupler included
●Selectable license plate
・"1156" "1161" "1164" "1167"
・Maker's plate has "Mitsubishi" printed on it

-Selectable license plate "1156" "1161" "1164" "1167" x 2
-Replacement knuckle coupler x 2