Kato 8027-1	Freight Car TORA 45000 (Cargo loaded) 2 Car Set (N)
Kato 8027-1	Freight Car TORA 45000 (Cargo loaded) 2 Car Set (N)

Kato 8027-1 Freight Car TORA 45000 (Cargo loaded) 2 Car Set (N)

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Freight Car TORA 45000 (Cargo loaded) 2 Car Set

The Tora 45000 type is a popular Japanese National Railways type two-axle open car, of which approximately 8000 cars were mass-produced from 1961 to 1963.
Many of them have been retired, but dozens of them are still used by JR companies.
KATO has added a new seat cover part to the conventional Tora 45000 to cover the cargo, reproducing the cargo condition. We will commercialize freight cars that are perfect for recreating the nostalgic "freight trains" of the JNR era with a slight renewal.

● Tora 45000 (with cargo) 2 cars
- The Tora 45000 has been renewed with a seat cover to cover the cargo.
・The car numbers have also been newly set as Tora 45270 and 47061. (Product number 8027: Tora 46264 Tora 50021)
- Seat cover parts are removable. Creates a realistic look to freight trains.
-Equipped with a suspension mechanism even though it is a freight car. Although it is a compact two-axle freight car, it boasts outstanding running stability.
・The coupler is an Arnold coupler standard equipment. Use optional #11-702 KATO coupler N for replacement.
・Beautifully reproduces the characteristics of the wood and steel parts of the Tora 45000 type and the black body paint color.
・Wood grain is also expressed on the inside of the side.
- Faithfully reproduces the details under the floor, including brake levers and steps.
・Equipped with a suspension mechanism on the axle bearing part to achieve stable running.
・Vehicle number and body description are realistically reproduced by printing.
・Both cars have different body numbers.
- Adopts black wheels that tighten the suspension