Kato 8060 Freight Car WA 12000 (2 Cars) N Scale
Kato 8060 Freight Car WA 12000 (2 Cars) N Scale

Kato 8060 Freight Car WA 12000 (2 Cars) N Scale

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Although this 10 ton freight car has only 2/3 load capacity compared with prevailing 15 ton WAMU 80000, 500 cars of this model were manufactured by a JNR factory. Corresponding to the small loading capacity, the length and height of the car are so short and low that the small size will make an accent in the train.


General covered cars, open cars, tank cars that were active during the JNR era. Small freight cars.
All vehicles are equipped with a two-stage link type running device, which can run at a maximum speed of 75km / h and have been active nationwide.
● Wa 12000
Compared to the 15t product such as the general Wamu 80000, the 10t product has a loading capacity of about two-thirds, but at the request of the small shipper, 500 cars were manufactured at the JNR factory from 1956. According to the load capacity, the body length and height are low, and its small appearance is an accent in the freight train formation.

-Although it is a small two-axle freight car, his wagon 12000 tiger 55000 tom 500 has a strong presence in the formation of freight trains
● Easy to match with existing freight cars, and you can easily reproduce good-looking trains from short trains on local lines to long freight trains on main lines.
-Reproduce various notations in the era setting around 1970 of the end of the steam locomotive and the extension of the electrified section. Ideal for everything from steam locomotives to electric locomotives and diesel locomotives
● Models use black wheels that tighten the suspension. Equipped with a "suspension function" that has outstanding running performance to achieve stable "running"
-Wa 12000 accurately reproduces the short body that can be seen at a glance. It will be an indispensable accent to reproduce the Showa freight train