Kato 8078-1 Freight Car KU5000 with Tricolor  N Scale

Kato 8078-1 Freight Car KU5000 with Tricolor N Scale

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KU 5000 is a car carrier which appeared in 1966 to standardize transport of cars when the amount of cars produced in Japan was steadily increasing. It became a star of JR freight transport immediately. In the heyday, the dedicated limited express “Arrow” was put in operation across Japan in the maximum of 20 car consist.
Kato will refine details such as handrails and remake the model, using a new molds of this 6 car-carrier set # 8078.
The automobiles to load will be molded in such a form as covered with protection sheet and these will be also sold as a separate accessory item #23-510A.
KU 5000 can be coupled, to each other, to make a dedicated car-carrier train or connected to another normal freight train to make a mixed freight car train.


● Realistic Representation of 2-floor body with fine details of handrails brake lever and ladders
● Fine printing of car number and letterings on the body
● Equipped with gun-black wheels