Kato 10-1351 KUMOHA 61 + KUHANI 67 Iida Line 2 Cars N Scale
Kato 10-1351 KUMOHA 61 + KUHANI 67 Iida Line 2 Cars N Scale

Kato 10-1351 KUMOHA 61 + KUHANI 67 Iida Line 2 Cars N Scale

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Japan Retro Iida Line
Iida dominating product the "direct organization" in operation to direct the whole line.
Have a miscellaneous career, he released two organization of the old form national railroad, which was gathered in Iida.
Not only the appearance variety of each organization, you can have fun in the old form Guodian unique due to recombination with the vehicle of existing each product.In mix, including Gozo car with a luggage compartment in both sets of both, while the other vehicle is an electric car of 3 door either, is a combination of the vehicle with different front styles and window placement and room arrangement.
Kumoha 53007 + Kuha 68400 Iida Line
 -Kuha 68400 reproduces the form of a modified car based on the original shape.We commercialized an essential vehicle on the Iida line where the installation of the toilet was done on the original Kuha 68.
 Newly manufactured body, roof, glass, floorboards, features of 6 windows between doors, 7 ventilators, narrow tail lights, thin hollows, louver obstruction, different floor equipment arrangement from remodeled cars Accurately reproduced.
 Kumoha 53, Kuha 68 both reproduce the display numbering window on the front with glass parts.
 Kumoha 53 joins the flow of the streamlined Kumoha 52, and precisely reproduces the splendid style of the wide window with two doors called semi-flow linear.It also reproduces the slender roof.
 Cream and blue paint called ska color, clear paint separately reproduced.
 -Pantograph creates a new PS 11 that was often found in old country electric appliances.
 Body Mount type KATO coupler telescopic close-coupled type as standard for both coupler and intermediate part.
 -Power is equipped with a power unit with flywheel (both without traction tire) with well-established bidirectional drive system, achieving stable running.
 · Head / tail light as standard equipment (with switch off) .Optional interior light suits LED clear (light bulb color).