Kato  10-1398 E657 Type Hitachi Tokiwa Add On 4 Cars N scale
Kato  10-1398 E657 Type Hitachi Tokiwa Add On 4 Cars N scale

Kato 10-1398 E657 Type Hitachi Tokiwa Add On 4 Cars N scale

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E657 series appeared as a traffic-oriented express train for Joban Line in Heisei 23. Aluminum Double Skin section in conformity with the E 259 series body It has a leading part of a fearless design and is indispensable as a train representing Joban Line.
To the body color is a red image which imaged red plum in the window under the keynote under the white which imaged the white plum in the Kairakuen along the Joban Line, and "Lavender gray" at the hem, and it became full of refreshing appearance .
Reproduce the current appearance with FRP cover on the front. Also set a car number different from the conventional product.
● Change the content of the destination display sticker to the content that matches the current mode of operation after the opening of the Ueno Tokyo line. The contents are "Hitachi Shinagawa / Iwaki" "Tokiwa Shinagawa / Ueno / Katsuta / Takahagi" are prepared.
● Head car head light / tail light standard equipment. Like the actual car, the headlight reproduces the difference between the light bulb and the HID lamp.
● Insulators and equipment around pantographs specific to the ACC train, trains on the roof Radio antennas and WiMAX antennas are reproduced.
● Futuristic reproduction of car body color based on slightly reddish white called "white plum color", "red plum color" under the side window and "lavender gray" at the hem.
● Front window · Side windows adopt green colored glass similar to the actual car.
● Power is equipped with a power unit with a well-established flywheel, making it possible to run steadily.
● Body mount type KATO coupler dense type and inter-vehicle body damper are standard equipment in the intermediate connection part. Realized connecting surface and smooth running.