Kato 10-256 Sobu Line 101 Type 4 Cars Add On N Scale
Kato 10-256 Sobu Line 101 Type 4 Cars Add On N Scale

Kato 10-256 Sobu Line 101 Type 4 Cars Add On N Scale

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The Canaryian color (Yellow No. 5) 101 series first appeared as the Yamanote line color, but it was subsequently introduced to Sosuke and Central Gentle Line. Later, with the withdrawal of the 101 series by Yamanote line complete 103 system, the canary color became Sobu / Central gentle line color, and he worked long on the same line afterwards.
KATO will commercialize the 6-car basic set and the 4 expansion set with prototype non-air-conditioned car formation belonging to Tsudanuma train district around 1978.
In addition, we also release "Makeup Parts" that can enjoy cooling modifications, Sobu / Central Lunting Line and other line variations of destination areas.
Reproduction of the formation of the Tsudanuma Train Zone (1,000 tsuna) at that time in prototype at the Showa era (1978) at the heyday of the national electronics
● Separate the presence or absence of jumper tubes at the beginning of each format
● Tail light of the first car is all out-vehicle type.
● Representation of the rear compartment of the crewmember that can be seen from the front window.Also, you can see the interior at the same time through a partition window.
● Interchangeable lighting ceremony Destination direction curtain / operation number display curtain (character entry) is adopted
● Flywheel equipped power unit adopted
● KATO coupler expansion / contraction PAT. Standard equipment