Kato  10-843 E217 Type Yokosuka Line Sobu Line New Color 4 Cars
Kato  10-843 E217 Type Yokosuka Line Sobu Line New Color 4 Cars

Kato 10-843 E217 Type Yokosuka Line Sobu Line New Color 4 Cars

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By updating the control equipment, we reproduce underfloor equipment different from conventional vehicles (Moha E 217 / Moha E 216). Also reproduce the reinforced skirt of the leading car.
Reproduce the car body band whose color and design changed with the update.
Representation of appearance finish by different material such as painting of the steel body part at the head part and stainless steel part of the car body.
Two-story green car Salo E216 which is accents of organization is reproduced precisely.
Power unit with flywheel unit, suspension mechanism installed, see-through of the leading car cab.
Reproduction of the side glass of No.1 car Qha E216-2000 to which pillars were added.
Head light, taillight, leading direction curtain, train display lights up.
Equipped with a body mount coupler.
Destination indication is LED notation "Kurihama" "Yokosuka" "Zushi" "Tokyo" "Tsudanuma" "Chiba" "Kimitsu" "Chiba" "Kazusa Ichinomiya" "Kashima Shinto shrine" "Narita airport" "Narita".
The front display is "Yokosuka line - Sobu line" "Commuting speed" "Airport Narita". Preferential seat display is also included
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Product introduction
The E217 series appeared in 1994 (1994) for access to the Yokosuka line · Sobu (rapid) line and the new Tokyo international airport (Narita airport).
Currently it continues to be active as a flagship vehicle centering on the Yokosuka line and Sobu (rapid) line.
In 2008 (2008) renewal work was done, there were changes in the underbody equipment accompanying the change of body belt color and logo mark, adoption of reinforced skirt, and updating of control equipment as well.
【Product formation】
Kuha E 216 - 2067 + Moha E 217 - 2091 (M) + Salo E 216 - 46 + Kuha E 217 - 46
In the case of
[Product specifications]
Scale: 1/150 9 mm (N gauge)
Product form: Finished painted
Body material: Plastic
Motor: Power unit with flywheel mounted
Light: Headlight · Tail light on