Mico Ace A0560 Series 183 18 JNR Express Kaiji N Scale
Mico Ace A0560 Series 183 18 JNR Express Kaiji N Scale

Mico Ace A0560 Series 183 18 JNR Express Kaiji N Scale

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183/189 series limited express "Kaiji"

[Actual vehicle]
-Since 1978, some of the limited express trains [Azusa] have been operating in 12-car formations, but in 1986 they had to increase the number of trains and change to 9-car formations, resulting in a shortage of leading cars.
-Therefore, an unprecedented modification was carried out by attaching a driver's cab to the surplus 485/489 series intermediate companion car at the time and converting it to the 183 series, which became a hot topic among many fans.
-The leading cars facing odd numbers were classified as Kuha 183-100s, and the leading cars facing even numbers were classified as Kuha 182-100s.
-The car body shape with a slightly higher passenger window and the protrusion of the step at the bottom of the passenger door, which were derived from the AC/DC express type, have been left as is, and a new destination indicator has been added to the upper part of the passenger window near the driver's cab, making it look more appealing. It became a charm point that made it easy to identify it as a modified car at a glance.
-Also, Moha 188/189-504 included in this organization is a modified 485 series intermediate electric vehicle and was modified in 1982 due to the increased number of limited express "Asama" trains.
-Since some parts have been reused and the appearance has been changed to be similar to the 189 series No. 0, it is difficult to distinguish it from the new model.
-This set is a reproduction of the limited express "Kaiji" that was born in 1988, and as mentioned above, it has a unique configuration with 4 out of 6 modified cars.

【Product Summary】
●Further enhancement of the Micro Ace express train series
-Commercialization of the 183 series including the top car modified from the intermediate car
●Headlights, taillights, and front nickname display lights up. Use of LED
- Equipped with a power unit with flywheel
-Cream and red JNR express colors
-A variation product based on A0571 (shipped in January 2004) with revised color of the body, rooftop equipment, etc.
-Commercialized with JR mark, no JNR mark, and seat molding color blue with specifications immediately after JR's launch
-Create a new skirt for the lead car. Also, make different numbers for odd and even numbers.
-Moha units are made with or without run boards, brake control devices, and gable piping.
- Destination and head mark stickers include “Azusa” in addition to “Kaiji”
*Some parts may differ from the actual vehicle due to shared parts.

[Organization diagram]
Kuha 183-104 + Moha 183-1011 + Moha 182-1011 + Moha 189-504 (M) + Moha 188-504 + Kuha 182-103

●Destination sticker