Micro Ace A1020 103 Series 1500 Type Cooler Replacement Car 6-car (N)
Micro Ace A1020 103 Series 1500 Type Cooler Replacement Car 6-car (N)
Micro Ace A1020 103 Series 1500 Type Cooler Replacement Car 6-car (N)

Micro Ace A1020 103 Series 1500 Type Cooler Replacement Car 6-car (N)

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Product introduction
Completed Micro Ace N gauge vehicle, 103 series 1500 series cooler replacement car 6-car set.

A2459 103 series 1500 series JR Kyushu new paint variation product based on the split formation (released in June 2011)
Headlight, taillight, front display lights
Equipped with a power unit with a flywheel
The car body is all silver, the door and front are painted red, the cooler is replaced, and 3 cars + 3 cars after installing the toilet are reproduced.
Includes a "one-man" rolling sign on the sticker that can reproduce the operation of a 3-car train
The cooler is equipped with parts for the A2593 201 series improvement car.
Underfloor equipment and dolly are reproduced in the same dark gray as A8460 E231 series 800 series

* The underfloor equipment of Moha and Kumoha is different from the actual vehicle because parts are shared. In addition, SIV parts will not be reproduced.

[Organization example]
← Nishi Karatsu
[Kuha 103-1517] + [Moha 103-1517] + [Kumoha 102-1517] + [Kumoha 103-1518] + [Moha 102-1518 (M)] + [Kuha 103-1518]

Scheduled to be released after the fall of 2020 → postponed to 2021

[Actual vehicle]
In 1982 (Showa 57), the 103 series 1500 series was born as a vehicle for electrification of the Chikuhi Line and Karatsu Line and for direct operation with the Fukuoka City Subway that started the following year.
The control method is resistance control as before, but the structure of the car body is close to the 201 series and 105 series, and it is unique among the 103 series.
At the time of its appearance, it was a band of Cream No. 1 on Blue No. 22.
The skirt was attached from the end of the 1980s, and in the mid-1990s, it was changed to a unique paint with red and yellow arranged based on metallic gray.
In addition, in consideration of operational efficiency in the terminal section, a modification was made to attach the driver's cab to the intermediate car so that 4 6-car trains can be divided into 3 + 3 cars.
In the 2000s, toilets were added due to changes to the paint according to the 303 series, replacement of coolers, and revision of the law.
As of 2020, only the 3-car train continues to be active with the introduction of the successor 305 series.
[Product specifications]
Scale: N gauge (9mm)
Product form: Painted finished product
Body material: Plastic
Motor: Powered with flywheel
Lights: Headlights, taillights, front indicator lights
Accessories: Destination sticker

[Option (sold separately)]
Wide interior light (G0001 / G0002 / G0003 / G0004)
Micro coupler dense black (F0001)