Micro Ace A1321 N-Gauge Series UEDA 7200
Micro Ace A1321 N-Gauge Series UEDA 7200

Micro Ace A1321 N-Gauge Series UEDA 7200

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【Product introduction】
Completed Micro Ace N gauge vehicle, Ueda Dentetsu 7200 series bandless 2-car set.

Stainless steel body without belt. Ueda Electric Railway 7200 series
Commercialized the transfer car of the former Tokyu 7200 series
Newly manufactured body with long corrugated car end. Create different forms for each vehicle
Equipped with a power unit with a flywheel
Headlight, taillight, front display lights
Reproduce the silver 7254F that was active between 2005 and 2008
Ueda Dentetsu logo, one-man entrance, etc. are printed

[Product organization]
[7254 (M)] + [7554]

[Actual vehicle introduction]
Ueda Dentetsu is a railway company established in 2005 as a subsidiary of Ueda Kotsu.
Since the same year, it has inherited the railway business of Ueda Kotsu.
The 7200 series is a vehicle that inherited the Tokyu 7200 series train.
Instead of the front red belt of the Tokyu era, a green shade band was wrapped around the entire body except for the front through door and the connecting surface.
The 7254 formation has the same appearance as when it was enrolled at Tokyu with the belt removed.
Initially, it was planned for a limited period of one month, but due to its popularity, it was operated as it was until the operation was withdrawn from the same organization.
[Product specifications]
Scale: N gauge (9mm)
Product form: Painted finished product
Body material: ABS resin
Motor: Equipped with a power unit with a flywheel
Lights: Headlights, taillights, front indicator lights
Accessories: Destination sticker
Optional: Narrow interior light (G0005 / G0006 / G0007 / G0008), Micro Coupler Self-contained / Black: F0003