Micro Ace A1330 JNR Oe 61 Rescue Vehicle 2 Cars N Scale

Micro Ace A1330 JNR Oe 61 Rescue Vehicle 2 Cars N Scale

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A1330 JNR Oe 61 rescue vehicle
【Product introduction】
It is a set of two Micro Ace finished N gauge vehicles and JNR Oe 61 rescue vehicles.

[Actual vehicle]
The Japanese National Railways has placed "rescue vehicles" in major passenger car areas for recovery from accidents and disasters.
Since a luggage door with a hoist for loading and unloading the installed recovery materials is required, the majority of the cars have been remodeled using surplus luggage cars as seed cars, but due to the supply and demand of vehicles, coaches are seated. There is also one that has been remodeled from.
Oe 61 23 is located in Matsuyama Diesel Train District and was remodeled from Oha Uni 61.
Oe 61 601 was placed in the Okayama passenger freight car ward, and was remodeled from Mani 37, which features blue paint, and was characterized by the fact that the paint derived from the seed car was left as it was.
Many of the commercial vehicles derived from old passenger cars were scrapped by the time of JNR division and privatization, and after the privatization, Mani 50 and Suuni 50 were used as substitutes for rescue vehicles.
JNR owns vehicles for various purposes other than commercial use, and they were given the model title "Ya" as "business use" regardless of the use. The Oya 10 is a construction accommodation vehicle that is a modification of the Orone 10 and was used in the Kyushu area.
The Oya 33 is a training vehicle for electric locomotives, which is a modification of the Ohani 36. The training equipment is installed in the vehicle, and it was used for training on locomotive handling by touring the locomotive districts in the Tohoku region.

Select 2 cars from the rescue cars of the Japanese National Railways that were remodeled from surplus cars after the 1965's
Oe 61 23 in Matsuyama Diesel Train District reproduces the side window protection stick that was added to the former guest room by printing.
Okayama passenger car ward Oe 61 601 is characterized by the body color left in blue

* Some parts are different from the actual vehicle because parts are shared.
* The tail light does not turn on.
* A separate locomotive is required to drive

[Organization diagram]
Oe 61 23 + Oe 61 601