Micro Ace A3766 Keio 7000 Series Old Color Type 4-Car Add-On No Power N Scale

Micro Ace A3766 Keio 7000 Series Old Color Type 4-Car Add-On No Power N Scale

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Micro Ace N gauge Keio 7000 series/old paint/add-on 4-car set A3767
【Product introduction】
Micro Ace's finished product N gauge vehicle, Keio 7000 series old paint extra 4-car set.

Headlights and taillights on. LED use (with ON-OFF switch)
Equipped with rhombic pantograph
Late production car with bead press body

[Organization example]
-Kuha 7722
○Deha 7022
○Deha 7072
○ Saha 7522
- Deha 7122 (M)
●Deha 7172
○ Saha 7572
●Deha 7222
●Deha 7272
-Kuha 7772
* ● is the basic 6-car set (A3766), ○ is the content of the add-on 4-car set (A3767).

[Actual vehicle introduction]
The 7000 series train was introduced in 1984.
It is the first stainless steel body on the Keio Line, and has appeared in a 5-car train with a 20m car, field magnet chopper control, and 3M2T.
In 1987, the intermediate car Deha 7050-7150 series was added and changed to a 6-car train.
In the subsequent expansion, variations of 8-car train, 10-car train, 4-car train, and 2-car train were born.
-The group manufactured in the early days had a corrugated body on the side, but the group manufactured in the later period has been redesigned to a bead press body.
Renewal work started in 2001, and the band color of the car body was changed from dark red to two colors, Keio Red and Keio Blue.
[Product specifications]
Scale: N gauge (9mm)
Product form: Painted finished product
Body material: plastic
Motor: None
Light: None
Wide interior light: G0001/G0002/G0003/G0004, micro coupler close connection, ash: F0002
Accessories: Seal