Micro Ace A7434 Osaka Metro 21 Series Midosuji Line 21607F Add-On N Scale
Micro Ace A7434 Osaka Metro 21 Series Midosuji Line 21607F Add-On N Scale

Micro Ace A7434 Osaka Metro 21 Series Midosuji Line 21607F Add-On N Scale

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Micro Ace A7434 Osaka Metro Series 21 Midosuji Line Add-On

【Product introduction】
Micro Ace's finished product N gauge vehicle, Osaka Metro 21 series update modified vehicle Midosuji Line 21607F Add-on 4-car set.

Red and white bands on the stainless steel body. Midosuji Line 21 series
A variation model based on the A7433/34 Osaka Metro 21 series released in July 2020

[Actual vehicle introduction]
Since 1984, the Osaka Municipal Transportation Bureau has introduced 20 series VVVF inverter control cars with aluminum bodies on the Chuo Line and Tanimachi Line, but in 1990, the new 20 series, which underwent a major model change, began to be introduced on each line. .
The body is made of lightweight stainless steel with 4 doors on each side of the 19m class, and the front is sloping in a dogleg shape, and a frame design with a dark gray border around the window is adopted. It became a big topic from the unique appearance of the taillights.
In addition, the customer service facilities have been greatly upgraded, such as the installation of interior lighting with covers, the installation of side destination indicators, and the improvement of seat cushions.
Series 21 for the Midosuji Line, Series 22 for the Tanimachi Line, Series 23 for the Yotsubashi Line, Series 24 for the Chuo Line, and Series 25 for the Sennichimae Line were manufactured from 1990 to 1998 with a total of 572 cars, including Series 30 and Series 50. It played a major role in improving transportation services by eradicating the old non-air-conditioned vehicles.
Since more than 20 years have passed since its manufacture, renewal work began in 2011. Identification bands were added to the shoulders of the roof, large car numbers were displayed on the door pockets at the ends of each car, and external speakers were installed beside the rooftop air conditioners. In addition to external changes such as installation, remodeled cars after 2015 have added a menu to boldly change the interior according to the theme of each route.
In April 2018, when the Osaka Municipal Transportation Bureau was privatized, Osaka Municipal Electric Tramway Co., Ltd. (Osaka Metro) was established, and at the same time, the "Moving M Mark" was posted on the side of the car body instead of the conventional company crest.
[Product specifications]
Scale: N gauge (9mm)
Product form: Painted finished product
Body material: ABS resin
Motor: None
Light: None
Accessories: Destination sticker
Options sold separately: Narrow interior light (G0005/G0006/G0007/G0008), microcoupler close connection, ash: F0002