Micro Ace  A7440 Kiha E130-100 Kurume Line 2-Car N Scale
Micro Ace  A7440 Kiha E130-100 Kurume Line 2-Car N Scale

Micro Ace A7440 Kiha E130-100 Kurume Line 2-Car N Scale

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A7440 Kiha E130-100 Kururi Line
In 2007, JR East introduced a new general diesel railcar, the Kiha E130.
-The double cab type Kiha E130 and the single cab type Kiha E131 + Kiha E132 car body are made of lightweight stainless steel based on the E231 series train, and have a maximum width of 2900 mm with a hem draw.
- The door is a double door with 3 places on one side, and a step is installed to reduce the step with the home.
- The front is made of FRP, and a through door is installed.
-In 2012, a new group for short-distance transportation with all long seats and toilets omitted for the Kururi Line appeared, and was classified as the 100 series and played a major role in improving transportation by eradicating old vehicles.

【Product Summary】
-Further enhancement of the Micro Ace diesel train series
-A product based on A6770 (shipped in May 2011) with a large addition of new molds *The basic structure of the product conforms to this
-Reproduce the 100 series active on the Kururi Line by adding the following new molds
・Body without toilet
・Side glass
・Inside a car with a long seat
・Satellite mobile phone antenna
-The side hem of the body, the area around the curtain plate, the cooler, etc. are reproduced according to A6772 (scheduled for production in 2020).
-Reproduce the difference in gloss of the stainless steel surface finish with different silver colors
-Headlights, taillights, front display lighting, LED use *Headlights are lit with light bulb color LEDs
-Equipped with power with flywheel

[Knitting diagram]
Kiha E130-107 (M) + Kiha E130-105

- Destination sticker

-Narrow room lights: G0005/G0006/G0007/G0008
- Micro coupler densely ash: F0002