Micro Ace A8063 Kintetsu 9200 Series 3-Car N Scale
Micro Ace A8063 Kintetsu 9200 Series 3-Car N Scale

Micro Ace A8063 Kintetsu 9200 Series 3-Car N Scale

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Micro Ace A8063 Kintetsu 9200 Series 3-Car N Scale Nara Line 8810, 9200, 9000 Series!

-The Kintetsu 8810 series, 9200 series, and 9000 series are commuter trains for the Kyoto/Nara Line that appeared from 1981 to 1983, and have undergone a full model change compared to conventional cars up to the 8800 series.
-The car body is made of steel, and the interior space has been expanded by reviewing the cross-sectional shape of the car body, and the front shape has become a fearless face with a stainless steel plaque on the window.
●For the control device, a field magnet chopper control is adopted, and energy saving such as speed control braking and regenerative braking can be used.
-Initially, it was painted in red, but later it was painted in ivory + maroon, and it continues to be active as of 2022.
-The 8810 series was a 4-car train, and at first there was no side curtain and a lighting type indicator was installed.
-From the second car onwards, minor changes have been made, such as changing the layout of the underfloor equipment.
-The 9200 series has appeared in a 3-car train.
-A side direction curtain has been installed from the beginning, and the underfloor equipment arrangement is partly different from the 8810 series.
-In 1991, an aluminum intermediate car was connected to form a 4-car train.
-The 9000 series was mainly used for hematopoiesis in a 2-car train.
- Currently active on the Nagoya line.

-Further enhancement of Micro Ace private railway train series
- Headlights, tail lights lit
- Equipped with power unit with flywheel

- Red solid 3-car train
-Body with side direction curtain
-Underfloor equipment arrangement that is partially different from the 8810 series
-The hood parts are reproduced in maroon color
9202 + 9201 (M) + 9301

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