N Scale Layout Plan Collection 50 (Japanese Book)
N Scale Layout Plan Collection 50 (Japanese Book)
N Scale Layout Plan Collection 50 (Japanese Book)

N Scale Layout Plan Collection 50 (Japanese Book)

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The initial design is important for the production of the N gauge layout. We need both an image of what kind of scene to create and a drawing of the exact parts layout. However, it is extremely difficult to achieve both. However, even if it is difficult to think from scratch, if you refer to this plan collection, you should be able to find your favorite plan. A layout plan that is fun not only to make, but also to look at and let your imagination run wild. 50 new worlds await!
Contents (from "BOOK" database)

My first N gauge layout
Local plan with train exchange station
Elevated Endless Over the Industrial Zone
Landscape of a water town developed on the B1 panel
Enjoy the simultaneous operation of two trains compactly
Compact for long-run operation
Enjoy half scenery
A plan for automated driving with the theme of a dedicated factory line
A plan with a level crossing with the theme of the harbor line
A new transportation system-like plan that parents and children can enjoy (others)
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Kunihiko Ikeda
Born in Tokyo in 1965. Head of STUDIO S'PIKE. Cartoonist, illustrator, railway writer. He used to draw articles and illustrations mainly for railroad magazines, but in 2008 he won the grand prize of the 54th Chiba Tetsuya Award, a manga rookie award sponsored by Kodansha, and has been active as a cartoonist.