Pre Order Kato 10-018 Series 813-200 Starter Set (N)
Pre Order Kato 10-018 Series 813-200 Starter Set (N)
Pre Order Kato 10-018 Series 813-200 Starter Set (N)

Pre Order Kato 10-018 Series 813-200 Starter Set (N)

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The current series 813, a popular standard suburban electric train in North Kyushu, will appear as an N-scale model from Kato.
Series 813 is the first train equipped with VVVF inverter of JR Kyushu. The total of 255 cars was manufactured till 2009 and put in service centering in Hakata and Kita Kyushu regions. Depending on the manufacturing ages, train Nos. are divided. Trains numbered 200s make the largest group which was produced between 1997 and 1998. Trains numbered 300s make a small group consisting of 3 trains only which is distinguished in the appearance from the former with the UV protective smoked window panes.
Series 813 can be operated as a 6 car or a 9 car train as well as a compact 3 car train in the scale model like the real train depending on the laid out track and your preference. Combining it with series 415-100, “Seven Stars in Kyushu”, Series 787, 883 and 885 limited expresses will represent the railway scenery in and around Hakata.

● Starter set <Kyushu rapid train> 813 series
・ A starter set that combines the 813 series 200s rapid train, unitrack track, and power pack, which are active mainly in the JR Kyushu Hakata and Kitakyushu areas, and is recommended for those who are starting a model railroad from now on.
・ The vehicles included in the set have the same specifications as the <10-1686 813 series 200s basic set (3 cars)>.
・ Unitrack track is composed of one endless lap equivalent to M1 set.
-Addition of Unitrack "V track set series" enables various track development!
-The power pack is easy to use and uses a high output (1.2A) "Power Pack Standard SX" / "AC adapter for starter set".
-The attached plan variation guide is a treasure trove of track plans. You can enjoy more expansive system development.


This item is Japanese, 100V. Please be careful of your country`s Voltage (100V-> 240V), you must use a Voltage Converter !!! US and Canadian customers would be able to plug directly to your outlet.