Kato 10-1540 Series 787 "Around Kyushu" 7-Car Set (N)
Kato 10-1540 Series 787 "Around Kyushu" 7-Car Set (N)
Kato 10-1540 Series 787 "Around Kyushu" 7-Car Set (N)
Kato 10-1540 Series 787 "Around Kyushu" 7-Car Set (N)
Kato 10-1540 Series 787 "Around Kyushu" 7-Car Set (N)

Kato 10-1540 Series 787 "Around Kyushu" 7-Car Set (N)

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●Since its debut in July 1992, the 787 series has been used as a variety of express trains, including the Tsubame, Ariake, and Relay Tsubame.
●Currently stationed at Minami-Fukuoka Vehicle Center and Oita Vehicle Center, the 6-, 7-, and 8-car formations are mainly used for the Kirameki, Kaiou, Kasasagi, Relay Kamome, and Nichirin, while the 4-car formations are mainly used for the Nichirin, Hyuga, and Kirishima, and continue to run as the main vehicles for conventional line express trains.
●With this product, the blue-gray running equipment based on the actual vehicle is reproduced, and the destination display stickers will be changed to newly recorded information on trains that will begin operation with the opening of the Nishi-Kyushu Shinkansen in 2023.
●The price and JAN code will change accordingly.

●The 7-car set is a product of the BM13 formation belonging to Minami-Fukuoka Vehicle Center, and the 4-car set is a product of the Bo104 formation belonging to Oita Vehicle Center.
●Reproduces the form before the "AROUND THE KYUSHU" logo was introduced around 2011 and the one-man conversion from 2017.
●The 4-car set reproduces Kuroha 786 (downward half green car) and Kuha 787 0 series (upward ordinary car).
●Saha 787-100 is available as a single item. Recommended for reproducing "Relay Kamome" and "Kasasagi" as an addition to the 7-car set.
●The leading car of each set reproduces the electric coupler with dummy coupler and skirt. A coupler set and skirt for leading coupling are included.
●It is also possible to reproduce the 12-car 6+6 "Kirameki" formation and the 4+4 substitute "Sonic" that is sometimes seen and is a hot topic.
●Head/tail lights light up. The headlights are reproduced with white LEDs (upper lights are warm white, fog lights are yellow). With a switch to turn them off.
● The running gear, such as the underfloor equipment and bogies, is blue-gray, similar to the 787 series "Tsubame", and the couplers are black. Adopts black-dyed wheels.
● The use of a well-established power unit allows for stable running. The 4-car set does not have traction tires, considering coupled operation.
● Destination display stickers are included. Includes the newly started "Kasasagi" and "Relay Kamome"
● The stickers included with the 4-car set cover express and local train operations operated by one-man operators. Also includes exterior speaker representations so that the appearance of the one-man operation can be reproduced.
● The 7-car set uses a book-shaped vehicle case for 8 cars. Can store a single Saha 787-100