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-The Shinano Railway SR1 series is the first new model vehicle of the same railway that runs between Karuizawa and Myoko Kogen operated by Shinano Railway (between Shinonoi and Nagano on the way is under the jurisdiction of JR East).
-Introduced based on the E129 series, which has a proven track record against snowfall in the Niigata area.
-The railway, which was established along with the construction of the Nagano/Hokuriku Shinkansen, has been operating the 115 series transferred from JR since its opening in 1997, but it will be replaced in 2020. We have introduced a new SR1 series for use.
-Initially, 3 trains for liner were introduced, and in the following year, general vehicles also appeared, and 3 trains in the 300 series without defrosting pantographs were introduced.
-We will commercialize the 300 series of general trains wearing the red color of apples that symbolize Shinano Railway based on the E129 series, which is similar to the actual train.
-Please enjoy the compact 2-car train and the 4-car train that combines the 2 trains seen in the actual vehicle.

[Product Features]
- Accurately reproduces the coloring that is characterized by bright red on the silver body. In addition, the two thin belts on the waist, the gold belt designed on the side of the cab, and the Shinano Railway logo are realistically expressed.
●Headlight/Taillight ・Front display lights. Uses white LED
-Skirt with body support integrated type and snow plow shape attached (Coupler cannot swing. When driving with the top cars connected, please use the attached skirt for connection)
-Each vehicle adopts a body mount close coupler without a hook for the intermediate connection part. Dummy coupler is standard equipment at the top of the top car, and a replacement coupling coupler is included.
- The front display has already installed [One Man Nagano]. Replacement destination display is included ([One-man Karuizawa], plain x 2 cars each)
-The side destination display is printed in black. Destination display sticker included
●By adopting a slotless motor, more smooth and quiet driving is realized. Equipped with one traction tire
● DCC friendly
* The bead shape on the roof and the equipment of some underfloor equipment are different from the actual vehicle.

【set content】
- Kumoha SR111-301 (M)
- Kumoha SR112-301

-Driver for light-off switch
- Connecting skirt × 2
- Denren (1 stage) x 2
-Destination display sticker
-Replacement destination display ([One Man Karuizawa]), plain x 2 cars each
-Replacement coupler x 2