Pre Order Kato 10-1763 OUIGO 10-Car Set N Scale
Pre Order Kato 10-1763 OUIGO 10-Car Set N Scale

Pre Order Kato 10-1763 OUIGO 10-Car Set N Scale

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The Class 800 first started the operation as the successor of the diesel high speed train “HST”, and now runs on mainlines in UK, GWR (Great Western Railway) and LNER (London North Eastern Railway). “Class 800” is characterized by the body squeezed near the bottom to match the UK railways clearance limit and the yellow pattern on the top car front to enhance visibility. It is a bi-mode electro-diesels vehicle introduced on “Intercity Express Program” (IEP) and installed with state of the art equipment. As a major feature, the train collects power through the pantographs in electrified areas and uses diesel engine or motor driven by power supplied from the generator in none-electrified areas enabling the operation regardless whether it is an electrified or none-electrified district.
Class 800 is also well known in Japan as a rare case that a Japanese train is selected to run on UK mainlines. Because the train has met such tough conditions presented by the UK transportation ministry as high fuel efficiency, weight limit, operation at the maximum speed of 200 km/h and switching the power supply during the run, Hitachi Rail has overcome the sophisticated railway technology.


Prototype: GWR-800021 / LNER-800209
Scale 1/148
Minimum Turning Radius R282mm
DCC available (EM13,FL12)
White LED, head/tail lights/ marker lamps are turn on
The top car equipped with coupler to realize 10 car trains
Disk brake, no traction tire with power car