Kato 10-1772 Series 313-2500 3-Car Set Powered N Scale
Kato 10-1772 Series 313-2500 3-Car Set Powered N Scale
Kato 10-1772 Series 313-2500 3-Car Set Powered N Scale

Kato 10-1772 Series 313-2500 3-Car Set Powered N Scale

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The 313 Series Electric Car was built since 1999 as a new standard type of JR Tokai. It runs in almost all areas of JR Tokai line. The flexibility of its operation -- such as operation with 4 cars, 4+2, 4+4, 2, etc. - results in many styles in actual service.

The scale model Series 313-3000 is now going to be renewed in new specifications and with double pantographs for the first time. The scale model is based on train consist. V9 belonging to Shizuoka rolling stock depot.
This train is a major force in regional transport operated on Iida line, Minobe Line, Gotenba Line, Tokaido Mainline, Minoakasaka branch line and Chuo mainline, etc.
The destination sign on the train is made blank so that various destinations on many lines can be put there, using the stickers supplied with the product.
Shield beam lights and destination rollsign distinctive to the former trains are reproduced.

Series 313-8000 is used to be operated mostly as “Central Liner (Reserved Seat Commuter rapid)” (on Chuo line between Nagoya and Nakatsugawa) that was terminated in 2013. The train is currently in service as normal train or rapid train like series 313 with other car Nos. It is mostly operated as rapid trains between Nagoya and Nakatusgawa and as “Home Liner Mizunami” during evening rush hour.

Kato made a N-scale model of Series 313-5000/5300 which play a central role in the transport on Tokaido line in Chukyo region. The trains belong to Ogaki electric train depot. The train is all furnished with direction-convertible cross seats inside and with dumpers outside between cars for comfortable ride during high speed run.
The 313-5300 is a train consisting of 2 cars of 313-5000. When operated as “Shinkaisoku”, a long train of as many as 8 cars can also be seen.


Features Features
● A close-coupled coupler (without hook) is used for the leading coupler. Includes Denren (2 steps) (excluding 3000 series)
● Includes priority seat display sticker including non-slip front step
-Reproduce the interior of the long seat (3000 series is a fixed semi-cross seat)
● Head light / tail light / front display on (with off switch). Reproduce the image of an impressive bright white headlight
● The side destination display with an impressive full-color LED display has been printed.
● Stable running is possible by adopting a power unit with a flywheel.
● DCC friendly
● Accessories: Replacement front display, driver for turn-off switch, priority seat display sticker, Denren (2 steps)

313 series 2500 series
・ 7-car book case adopted. Can store 2300 series and 2350 series
-Front display installed: Normal Hamamatsu. Replacement: Ordinary Atami included