Kato 10-1782 Series 383 "Shinano" 4-Car Add-On Set (N)
Kato 10-1782 Series 383 "Shinano" 4-Car Add-On Set (N)

Kato 10-1782 Series 383 "Shinano" 4-Car Add-On Set (N)

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-The 383 series is a pendulum-type limited express vehicle of JR Tokai that appeared in 1994 as a replacement for the 381 series.
Various operations are performed by combining 6-car, 4-car, and 2-car formations, such as the streamlined Nagano head car Kuro 383 following the 381 series "Panorama Shinano" and other penetrating lead cars.
Run on the Chuo Main Line, Shinonoi Line, and Shinetsu Main Line, and run through long distances from Nagoya to Shiojiri to Matsumoto to Nagano.
KATO's original pendulum mechanism is installed. Please enjoy the running scene of the Chuo Main Line and Shinonoi Line.
- Series 383 [Shinano]
-Production of prototypes of A9, A101, and A201 formations belonging to the JR Tokai Shinryo Vehicle Ward
・Faithfully reproduces the characteristic rounded head shape and the panoramic cab.
-A non-smoking car mark has been added to each car, and the current appearance without a non-smoking car mark on the direction curtain is reproduced.
・Uses KATO's original "pendulum mechanism". Realistically reproduce the realistic curve passage scene approaching the actual car by tilting the car body
・Combining 3 types of knitting, it is possible to reproduce various knitting patterns such as 6, 8, and 10.
・Employment of a slotless motor realizes even smoother and quieter running.
・Destination display printed.
- Headlights / taillights of the leading car are lit. Off switch standard equipment (excluding Kuha 383, Kuro 383 has no off switch)
- The head coupler adopts a KATO coupler close-up type (no hook), and comes with a power train.
6-car basic set: Rooftop equipment, replacement front display (plain), driver for turn-off switch, electric train (1 stage) x 2, coupler for connection x 1
4-car / 2-car add-on set: driver for switch off, Dentsu (1 stage) x 3, coupler for connection x 1

- Series 383 [Shinano] power unit 2
-It can be incorporated into the Moha 383-10 of the KATO 383 series "Shinano" 4-car add-on set to power the add-on formation.
・Product details: Power unit with slotless motor + power truck with traction tires (for 1 car)
* Since the power of the basic set is diverted, some expressions under the floor are different. Processing to the window glass is required for installation.