Kato 10-1813  287 "Stork" 4-Car Basic Set Powered N Scale
Kato 10-1813  287 "Stork" 4-Car Basic Set Powered N Scale

Kato 10-1813 287 "Stork" 4-Car Basic Set Powered N Scale

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“Adventure World” (opened in April, 1978 in Shirahama Cho, Nishimuro Gun, Wakayama prefecture under another name at the beginning) is a distinctive theme park combining zoo, aquarium and amusement park under the theme of “harmony between humans, animals and nature”.
The establishment is making efforts to breed pandas as its unique endeavor. It has achieved propagation of 16 pandas by 2016 and it is now breeding 5 pandas.
Since August, 2017, JR West Japan began operation of train “Panda Kuroshio”, by Series 287 Limited Express wrapped with films printed with panda face image on the front and images of other animals of the park on the body sides, on the Kisei mainline in the region.
This train is attracting numerous passengers centering on families traveling out on holidays.
Not only is the outside appearance made to please children but the inside is also full of various devices to make the holiday travel of families delightful such as seats looking like Panda.


● The newest limited express of JR West Japan Series 287 will now be made into a scale model accurately with brand new body style which has enhanced the safety.
● Equipped with body mount Kato flexible tight couplers to top and middle cars enabling handily the connection with one more train of this.
● Equipped with power unit with flywheels enabling a stable run of the train.
● Panda Kuroshio “Smile Adventure Train”
● The real train’s loud and colorful design wrapping is accurately represented such as striking exaggerated panda face on the head of top cars various animal pictures on the body sides as well as stripes on the body whose colors vary from car to car.
● Operative head/taillights the headlight above the driver’s seat lights up white.