Pre Order Kato 10-941 Hankyu Series 6300 Kyoto Train 6-Car N Scale

Pre Order Kato 10-941 Hankyu Series 6300 Kyoto Train 6-Car N Scale

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Hankyu Electric Railway "Kyoto Train" is a sightseeing limited express train that operates on the Kyoto Main Line. The 6300 series 6354 formation was remodeled based on the concept of "Japanese/Modern", and was renewed with Kyoto fans, gold and silver wrapping, and interiors that were not found in conventional cars.

In later years, a logo similar to that of the 7000 series "Kyoto Train Garaku" was attached to the side of the driver's cab. Although it was in operation, it was regrettably terminated on December 11, 2022.

Main features]

-Reproduce the appearance of the end of the year with the logo mark of the same design as the [Kyoto Train Garaku] that appeared in 2019 on the side of the leading car.

-Type "Rapid Limited Express A", destination display stickers with destinations "Kyoto Kawaramachi" and "Osaka Umeda" are included.

* Also includes the head mark commemorating the 10th anniversary of the start of operation

- Change the structure of the power truck to the current specification

- Head / tail lights on the top car

-Intermediate connection part is KATO coupler close connection type

- Stable running is possible by adopting a well-established power unit (without flywheel)

-The package is based on the image of the [Kyoto Train] car body

A special specification with a gold and silver fan in a maroon color.

* Since the product uses KATO's Hankyu 6300 series, some shapes such as interior representation are different.