Pre Order Kato 23-550 Logs for RhB Flat Car (3 pcs.) N Scale
Pre Order Kato 23-550 Logs for RhB Flat Car (3 pcs.) N Scale

Pre Order Kato 23-550 Logs for RhB Flat Car (3 pcs.) N Scale

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-The Rhaetian Railway, which has a route network in the canton of Graubünden in Switzerland, which is blessed with the rich nature of the Alps, has a thriving forestry industry, and the transportation of logs by railway is a symbolic sight of the railway.
-The long cargo vehicle "R-w" used for transportation is a freight vehicle that can transport not only logs but also containers and heavy machinery.
-Also, you can see it running on a road track with logs loaded, or operating a short train without cargo.
-Long vehicle R-w, which is used for transporting logs, will be newly added to the Rhaetian Railway series lineup.
-In addition to two types of 4-car sets, one loaded with logs and one loaded with containers, we also offer single freight cars without loading, and loaded logs (3 pieces).
-In addition to organizing the train by cargo, you can also enjoy reproducing various mixed trains just like the actual train by combining it with passenger cars and freight cars from the Rhaetian Railway series.


RhB Stake Car R-w Wood Transport 4-Car-Set /RhB Stake Car R-w With Containers 4-Car-Set /RhB Stake Car R-w/Roundwood Load, 3 loads
Along Rhaetische Bahn (RhB), which has a railroad network in Swiss Kanton Graubuenden, forestry is thriving. So the scene of logs being carried by railroad is often witnessed.
The long flat freight car "R-w" can carry containers or heavy machinery as well as logs.
The flat freight cars are viewed moving on street rail track either with logs loaded or unloaded in a short train consist.
A long flat freight car R-w used to transport logs will join Rhaetische Bahn lineup.
The supports used for log transport will be designed movable. Also released: 4 car set loaded with logs, 4 car set loaded with containers, a single car lounloaded, and a set of 3 log piles.
You can enjoy not only train consist with respective kinds of cargo but also various mixed car trains by combination with Rhaetische series passenger cars and freight cars just like the real trains.