Kato 3064-1 EF80 1st Electric Locomotive N Scale
Kato 3064-1 EF80 1st Electric Locomotive N Scale

Kato 3064-1 EF80 1st Electric Locomotive N Scale

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The real locomotive, the scale model is made after, is an AC/DC locomotive model which was in service on the Joban line from 1962 to 1967. As AC/DC locomotive, it has adopted the method of installing a motor on each truck.
The locomotive is one of the 1st models which was used to draw both of freight and passenger trains. It is featured with the front less eaves and fitted with the original simple side windows of the cab.
The scale model is the most suitable to pull #10-1518 Series 20 Sleeper Express “Yuzuru” planned for the simultaneous release and it is recommendable as the locomotive to draw express, local and freight trains then in service on the Joban line.

EF80 primary form
-The H rubber expression on the front window and the style of later years with a drainer are accurately expressed with three-dimensional details.
-The roof is realistically reproduced with a copper-colored high-voltage line on a light green insulator.
-Accurately expresses the beautiful rose pink coloring, the body with a long hem and a low center of gravity, the handrails and release levers, and the heavy bogie featuring shaft springs.
-Represents the driver's cab. It is also possible to mount a driver doll.
・ Beautifully express the car body notation by printing
・ Selectable license plate (Units 1, 2, 5, 10)
・ Headlights on
・ Supports quick head marks
・ Equipped with flywheel
-Comes with a realistically shaped coupler "knuckle coupler"