Kato 3073 EF30 Electric Locomotive N Scale
Kato 3073 EF30 Electric Locomotive N Scale
Kato 3073 EF30 Electric Locomotive N Scale

Kato 3073 EF30 Electric Locomotive N Scale

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With the AC electrification in the Kyushu area in 1961, the AC / DC switching connection station with the DC section of the Sanyo Main Line became Moji Station, and the EF30 AC / DC electric locomotive was active in the Kanmon tunnel section between them. Since it is used in a special environment such as an undersea tunnel, it is characterized by having a stainless steel body for rust prevention. Since driving in the AC section is limited to driving inside Moji Station, the output in the AC section is kept low, and there are many unique features such as driving the driving wheels of two axes of one bogie with one motor. You can see it. In the case of passenger trains (blue trains, luggage trains, etc.), it was used as a single machine, and in the case of freight trains, it was used as a heavy train, but by the time of the transition to JR in 1987, most of them had given up their role to EF81. I erased.

-Reproduce the one-lamp headlight and the oval taillight without the rear sign board, using the group manufactured in 1961 as a prototype.
-A unique style for special purposes, the car body covered with a silver-shining stainless steel corrugated plate is fully reproduced
-The wiring on the roof is a metal wire, and the insulator realistically reproduces the green color coated with grease as a measure against salt damage.
● Stable running is possible by adopting a power unit with a flywheel.
● Arnold coupler standard equipment. Replacement knuckle coupler included
● Headlights on
● Supports quick head marks. Includes head marks for "Fuji (Yamagata)", "Hayabusa", "Sakura", "Asakaze", and "Mizuho"
● Selectable license plates: "9" "11" "14" "17", Selectable maker's plates: "Hitachi" "Toshiba"
● Accessories: Head mark, selectable license plate, selectable manufacturer's plate, replacement knuckle coupler