Kato 8058-1  Tank Car TAKI 9900 Nihon Sekiyu (N)

Kato 8058-1 Tank Car TAKI 9900 Nihon Sekiyu (N)

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The Taki 9900 is a 35t tank freight car dedicated to gasoline transportation, and 546 cars have been manufactured since 1962. By adopting a different diameter body tank body that combines tank bodies with different diameters, it was produced in place of the conventional Taki 3000 etc. with improved transportation efficiency. Most of them are privately owned cars owned by oil companies, etc., and were active in gasoline transportation all over the country.
It is the best freight car to reproduce the nostalgic "freight train" of the JNR era.
-Faithfully reproduce the body shape of a different diameter body with a bulging central part.
-Faithfully reproduce the details of various parts of the car body such as handrails, underframes, and piping.
● The coupler is standard equipment of Arnold coupler.