Pre Order Tomix 90184 Basic Set SD E259 series Narita Express (N)

Pre Order Tomix 90184 Basic Set SD E259 series Narita Express (N)

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This item is Japanese, 100V. Please be careful of your country`s Voltage (100V-> 240V), you must use a Voltage Converter !!! US and Canadian customers would be able to plug directly to your outlet.

A total set that includes the E259 series Narita Express, the power unit PU-N600, and rails, it is the perfect set for getting started with model railroads that you can enjoy right away.
It is a compact package that also considers storage.

Product number
Product name
Basic set SD E259 series Narita Express

● E259 series Narita Express vehicle set containing 3 cars
● The main specifications of the vehicle conform to the <98459> E259 series N'EX set.
● The car number is printed (1st organization)
● The "N'EX" logo mark and JR mark on the front and sides have been printed.
● Head and tail lights are equipped with a constantly lit board and have an ON-OFF switch.
● Headlights are lit by light bulb color LED, tail lights are lit by red LED
-The antennas on the roof are reproduced with separate parts
● Equipped with TN coupler (SP) only on the cab side of the leading car
● Power adopted with flywheel
● New current collection system, black wheels adopted
● M-13 motor adopted

[Control equipment]
● PU-N600 (dark gray specification)

● Adopts rails that reproduce PC sleepers with easy-to-use fine tracks
● Easy and reliable connection
● The rail layout is the most basic rail pattern A (oval type)
● With relay rail

Product content
● Black E259-1 (M)
● Moha E259-1
● Kuha E258-1

[Control equipment]
● Power unit PU-N600
● DC feeder

● Straight rail S140-PC (F)
● Straight rail S280-PC (F)
● Relayer rail S140-RE-PC (F)
● Curve rail C280-45-PC (F)

[Layout supplies]
● Relayer

● Startup Guide
● Instruction manual
● Runner parts: Slope / spacer parts
● Runner parts: Lightning arrester
● AC adapter