Tomix 98497 JR E5 Tohoku / Hokkaido Shinkansen (Hayabusa) Basic Set (N)
Tomix 98497 JR E5 Tohoku / Hokkaido Shinkansen (Hayabusa) Basic Set (N)

Tomix 98497 JR E5 Tohoku / Hokkaido Shinkansen (Hayabusa) Basic Set (N)

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JR E5 series Tohoku / Hokkaido Shinkansen (Hayabusa) basic set
The E5 series, which appeared as "Hayabusa" in 2011, started combined operation with the E6 series in 2013, and as of 2022, it is operating at a maximum speed of 320 Km / h.
In recent years, in consideration of the increase in baggage, baggage storage has been added in the car, so some windows are blocked.
● Changed the structure of the light-shielding case
-Reproduce the appearance that some windows of cars 1 to 8 are closed according to the luggage storage added to cars 1 to 9.
-Reproduce the non-slip on the roof with gray printing
-Printed car number of U42 formation
● The car number can be changed with the transfer sheet attached to the add-on set.
● 10-car full formation can be reproduced by combining this product (cars 1, 6, 7, 10) with part number 98498 and part number 98499.
● Movable hood equipment
● Movable pantograph equipment
● Hook / U-shaped energizing coupler adopted
● Equipped with a TN coupler on the cab side of the E514 on the side that connects to the E6 series, etc.
-Movable hood reproduces the black outer hood adopted after U28 formation
-Reproduce the "Treasure land TOHOKU-JAPAN" logo mark affixed to the front side of cars 1 and 10 by printing
● Hayabusa logo mark, Gran Class mark, car number mark have been printed
● Headlights and taillights are equipped with a constantly lit board
● Headlights are lit by white LEDs, and tail lights are lit by red LEDs.
● E514 type has head and tail light ON-OFF switch
● Power adopted with flywheel
● New current collection system, silver wheels adopted
● M-13 motor adopted

Product content
● E523-42
● E526-342
● E525-142 (M)
● E514-42

● Parts: Power bogie mounting auxiliary rod