Tomix 98797 Series 189 Azusa Grade Up (N)
Tomix 98797 Series 189 Azusa Grade Up (N)
Tomix 98797 Series 189 Azusa Grade Up (N)
Tomix 98797 Series 189 Azusa Grade Up (N)
Tomix 98797 Series 189 Azusa Grade Up (N)

Tomix 98797 Series 189 Azusa Grade Up (N)

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The 189 series was introduced in 1975 as a DC limited express train that supports cooperative operation with the EF63 type at Usui Pass.
Since its appearance, it has been mainly used as a limited express train "Asama" connecting Ueno and Nagano, but the train was abolished due to the opening of the Nagano Shinkansen on October 1, 1997, and some vehicles are on the Chuo Main Line. It was diverted to the limited express train "Azusa".
At the time of diversion, in addition to changing the paint, the Kuha 189-0 / 500 type was changed direction with the relocation of jumper plugs for the purpose of aligning the connection position of the 183 series of "Azusa" and the upgraded car.

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Product name
JR 189 series limited express train (Azusa / upgraded car) basic set

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● High grade (HG) specifications
-Reproduce the 189 series of Nagano General Rolling Stock Center which became Azusa color
-Reproduce the appearance that the type tag insertion and the car number tag insertion were removed
-Kuha 189-0 type, Kuha 189-500 type are reoriented and reproduce the appearance of the jumper plug relocated
-The roof of Moha 188 type reproduces the late model with the side of the run board blocked
-Salo 189-100 type reproduces the FM antenna on the roof with new production
-ATS car top child parts included
● H rubber is reproduced in black
● Toilet tank is already installed
● Shoe shavings, door rails, JR mark, green car mark are printed
● Head / tail lights and train marks are equipped with a constantly lit board and have an ON-OFF switch.
● Head / tail lights and train marks are lit by light bulb color LEDs
● The train mark lights up in a color close to white due to the adoption of a color prism.
● Printed train mark "Azusa" installed, "Kaiji" included
● The car number, car number display, and non-smoking car display are selectable and come with a transfer sheet.
● Power adopted with flywheel
● New current collection system, black wheels adopted
● M-13 motor adopted
● Equipped with a dummy coupler with a coupler cover on the cab side of the leading car
● TN coupler (SP) with piping is standard equipment on each connecting surface side.

Product content
● Kuha 189-500 (GU)
● Moha 189
● Moha 188 (late model, GU) (M)
● Salo 189-100 (GU)
● Moha 189
● Moha 188 (late model, GU)
● Kuha 189-0

● Runner parts: antenna, whistle
● Runner parts: ATS on-board child
● Parts: Train mark
● Parts: Snowplow for dolly
● Parts: Jig
● Transfer sheet: car number, etc.