PRE ORDER Tomix Comprehensive Guide (2022 Edition) Japanese

PRE ORDER Tomix Comprehensive Guide (2022 Edition) Japanese

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Tomix Comprehensive Guide (2022 Edition) Features
● Comprehensive guide 2022 version that lists various vehicles and systems of Tomix
● New Products Review
1. JR 215 series suburban train (secondary car)
2. JR 201 series commuter train (Chuo Line / split train)
● Special Feature I
Energy-saving trains sought by the times ~ 201 series, its trajectory ~
● Special Feature II
Let's utilize the multi-overpass! ~ Realistic reproduction of modern stations ~

* From this issue onward, it will be released in April.
* From this issue onward, the vehicles listed will be limited to products produced in recent years.

Product content
● Total number of pages: 420 pages (planned)
* This is not a mail-order catalog. Please purchase the listed products at your local retailer.
The Tomix Comprehensive Guide is sold at model railroad dealers, or at Tomix Service Mail Order / Tech Station.