Pre Order Tomix HO-9078 JNR 485 Limited Express Early model Black 481-100 Basic HO

Pre Order Tomix HO-9078 JNR 485 Limited Express Early model Black 481-100 Basic HO

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The 485 series is a limited express train for both AC and DC, and has been widely used.
Early model coolers featured a mushroom-shaped cover.
Of the Kuro 481 manufactured for routes with restrictions on MT ratio and knitting growth, vehicles equipped with a large-capacity motor generator were classified into the 100th generation as well as Kuha.

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JNR 485 series limited express train (early model, black 481-100) basic set

-The train mark reproduces the realistic appearance with characters printed on the surface by new production
● The printed train mark comes with the characters "Hitachi / Aizu", and the selection formula for the white background mark is a transfer sheet containing "Yamabiko / Yamabiko / Hibari / Swan / Hokuetsu / Nichirin / Ariake / Tsubame / Uncle". Attached
● Partial notation and black 481 green car mark printed
● The car number is selectable and a transfer sheet is included.
● The side destination display part comes with a selectable and realistic backing type sticker
● Clear parts are already attached to the side indicator
-Reproduced in the appearance of the JNR era with washroom windows and emergency exit molds
● Head / tail light and train mark have ON-OFF switch
(* Kuro 481-100 is not equipped with an ON-OFF switch)
● Headlights are light bulb color LEDs, tail lights are red LEDs, and train marks are white LEDs.
● Includes front glass without wiper mold for separate wiper parts
-The roof is reproduced in silver
● Parts for each interior curtain are included
-The sheet is reproduced in blue for Kuha and Moha, and red for black.
● Densely connected TN coupler standard equipment
● Minimum radius R490 can pass (* excluding S-shaped linear)

Product content
● Black 481-100
● Moha 484 (early model, M)
● Moha 485 (early model)
● Kuha 481-100

● Runner parts: Train mark
● Runner parts: Step
● Runner parts: Side display parts
● Runner parts: Handrail parts
● Runner parts: Curtain (for Kuha Moha)
● Runner parts: Curtain (for black)
● Parts (etching): Wiper
● Parts: Radio antenna
● Parts: Wireless antenna
● Parts: Electroscope antenna
● Parts: Front glass
● Parts: Jig
● Stickers: Rollsigns, car tags, etc.
● Transfer sheet: Car number
● Transfer sheet: Notation, train mark