Kato 10-1800 Series 14 Sleeper Express "Sakura/Hayabusa/Fuji" 6-Car Set N Scale

Kato 10-1800 Series 14 Sleeper Express "Sakura/Hayabusa/Fuji" 6-Car Set N Scale

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The Tokaido/Sanyo Main Line's last and longest Blue Train is here!
The "Sakura/Hayabusa," which had been running as a single train since the times of the Japanese National Railways (JNR), is considered to have been the first coupled Blue Train in 1999 after becoming part of Japan Railways (JR), which was a result of the JNR being privatized and split into smaller companies.
It was initially talked about as a combined blue train consisting of Series 24 and Series 14. This composition was also the longest consist for the single "Fuji" which operated in the same formation. After 2002, the formation was shortened and after the discontinuation of the "Sakura" in 2005, the "Fuji" and "Hayabusa" operated in combination before ending their service in 2009.


●Series 24 9-Car Set
・The front diaphragm of the No. 8 Ohanefu 25 is recreated in blue.

●Series 14 6-Car Set
・The No. 9 Ohanefu 15 and No. 14 Ohanefu 14 are equipped with illuminated tail lights and train marks (which can be turned off) and supplied with exchangeable train marks.
・The exchangeable train mark set shows "Sakura," "Hayabusa, " "Fuji," or "Extra".
・The book case type package of each set also has space to store a locomotive.