Kato 10-1492 Series 221 renewed "Yamatoji Rapid"Add-On Set (4 Cars) (N)
Kato 10-1492 Series 221 renewed "Yamatoji Rapid"Add-On Set (4 Cars) (N)
Kato 10-1492 Series 221 renewed "Yamatoji Rapid"Add-On Set (4 Cars) (N)

Kato 10-1492 Series 221 renewed "Yamatoji Rapid"Add-On Set (4 Cars) (N)

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Series 221 renewed is now still in service as “Yamatoji Rapid” etc. on Kansai mainline and Osaka Loop Line. Kato will make the scale model by using completely new molds.
Series 221 was a DC suburban train which appeared in 1989 to be used as “Shinkaisoku” rapid. To the rolling stock, JR West Japan provided the designing and manufacturing of the kind which was first ever done in west Japan. Currently it is in service not only as a rapid train on Tokaido / Sanyo mainlines but also in even wider areas including Kansai mainline (Yamatoji line), Osaka Loop line, Nara line, San-in mainline (Sagano line), Kusatsu line, Kosei line, etc.
Since 2013, such renewals have been provided to the train as the installation of shields to the train top to protect passengers from falling as well as the change of headlights into HID and fog lights.

Features Features
-The current appearance of the NA413 and NA414 organizations belonging to the Fukida General Vehicle Office Nara Branch is a prototype.
-Accurately reproduce the features of the construction vehicle for improving the constitution, such as the reinforced skirt on the front, the fall prevention holo, and the HID light + fog light for the headlights.
● Head / tail lights are lit and front display is lit (with off switch) for each leading car. A white LED is used for the light unit.
-The fall prevention hood between the leading cars is reproduced with separate parts.
● Weakly air-conditioned car notation, wheelchair / stroller mark, door switch, end notation, security device notation, door cock notation printed.
● The molding color of the chair is set to brown.
● A power unit with a flywheel realizes stable running.
● Uses a body mount close-coupled coupler (without hook).
● DCC friendly.
-The side destination display is reproduced in black. Comes with a side destination display sticker.
● The front display has been printed with "Q Yamatoji Rapid Nara". The replacement front display includes "O Yamatoji Rapid Osaka Loop Line" and "D Miyakoji Rapid Kyoto" in the basic set, and "O Yamatoji Rapid Osaka Loop Line" and "Q Section Rapid Kamo" in the additional set. Two plain ones are included for each set.