Reproduction Tomix 2734 JNR Wagon Re12000  N Scale

Reproduction Tomix 2734 JNR Wagon Re12000 N Scale

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Reproduction JNR Wagon Re12000
The Re12000 is a 2-axle refrigerated freight car that appeared in 1954, and it has a record 1841 refrigerated cars, including those modified from the Re10000.
It was frequently used as a refrigerated vehicle at that time due to its good cold storage performance and the peak season for transporting fresh fish.

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JNR Freight Wagon Type 12000 Features
-Reproduce the detailed underfloor with brake levers and steps
- Expressed with black markings on the white body peculiar to refrigerated vehicles
- Accurately express the hatch of the ice entrance on the roof
● Mini-curve can be passed (when connecting with a locomotive that can pass a mini-curve)
- Car number printed
- Use silver wheels

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● Les 12000