Sankei  MP03-46 Japanese Temple B  N Scale

Sankei MP03-46 Japanese Temple B N Scale

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Even those who do not have miniature production experience are ECO paper kits made with easy-to-handle "paper" materials.

Production tools can be made with a cutter knife, tweezers and glue ~.


If you look at the finished product, you may think that "it seems fine - yashimuri ... ..." Do not worry!


Most of the parts are laser cut precisely to the detail, so "it has no need to cut out!"

2 Since it is color paper, it is okay without painting! You do not have to worry about the smell of solvent OK

3 Combined model is not very paper, I have solid strength! "I'm not fluffy "

Please enjoy "with the Miniatuart" with a "soft" texture of "paper"!