Tomix 1279 Motorized point N-CPL 317 / 280-45 (F) (Full selection type)

Tomix 1279 Motorized point N-CPL 317 / 280-45 (F) (Full selection type)

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Inside the curve of radius 317 mm 45 degrees, N-CPR 317 / 280-45 (F) is a motorized curve point that branches to a radius of 280 mm 45 degrees leftward and N-CPL 317 / 280-45 (F) rightward. Adopting a fully selective method, it can also be used as a spring point.

● Connection compatible with conventional Tomix rail
● Rails are hooked and hooked
● Use a modified joiner for the joiner
● We operate by combination with point control box N, power unit N
● With two contacts built-in two + + current of two rails, it is a fully selective type of the system that switches completely in two directions, and it can be enjoyed with simple electrical wiring even in reverse operation and complicated point installation
● Branch interval 37mm bifurcated at curve section 90 degrees in combination with existing curve rail C317-45 × 2 or C280-45 × 2
● One combination of N-CPR317 / 280-45 (F) and N-CPL317 / 280-45 (F) realizes a single crossover with 37 mm of double wire spacing at a curve section of 90 degrees
● Gap realized by exchanging with insulation joiner (sold separately)
● Dummy point motor, spring point sign, manual switching machine, sign seal etc. included

※ For other rail products, please refer to the Tomix introduction (Fine track) page.

Product content
● Motorized point N-CPL 317 / 280-45 (F) (Full selection type)

● Dummy point motor runner
● Dummy point changer runner
● Dummy point change machine base
● Dummy point changer seal