Tomix 1322 Crossing Track XR140-15(F) N Scle

Tomix 1322 Crossing Track XR140-15(F) N Scle

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It is a rail where a 145mm straight line crosses at 15 degrees in a 140mm straight line.
● A rail that crosses 145 mm straight at 15 degrees to 140 mm straight
● There are two types of products, XR140-15 (F) and XL140-15 (F), depending on the crossing direction
● Cross rail enables advanced planar intersection layout
● We express ballast and sleeper by painting and have a realistic appearance
● Simple and secure connection

※ For other rail products, please refer to the Tomix introduction (Fine track) page.

Product content
● Crossing rail XR140-15 (F)

● Dummy point runner
● Dummy switching lever
● Dummy point motor stand