Tomix 1772 Wide PC Track  C317-45-WP(F) N Scale
Tomix 1772 Wide PC Track  C317-45-WP(F) N Scale

Tomix 1772 Wide PC Track C317-45-WP(F) N Scale

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A wide curved cantrail with a radius of 317 mm, a curve angle of 45°, and a width of 37 mm. The rail on the outside of the curve has a cant that is higher than the inside, so you can enjoy the train tilting inward just like the real thing.

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Wide PC curve rail C317-45-WP(F) (set of 4)

-Painted ballast and sleepers for a beautiful appearance
● PC sleeper expression
●Rails are snapped together with claws for a simple and reliable connection
●Compatible with existing TOMIX rails
- Separately sold handrails, side walls, and fences can be attached to the side of the rail.
-Attach the separately sold single-line pier base to the bottom to support single-line piers
-Can be used as a double track rail by connecting the separately sold C280-45-WP inside or connecting the separately sold C354-45-WP outside
-When used as a double-track rail, a wide rail cant coupling is attached to the bottom to support double-track viaduct legs.
Power supply by attaching a feeder for wide rails and slab rails on the bottom (Feeders for slab rails can also be attached, conventional feeders cannot be attached)
- Wide rail / slab rail sensor can be installed by user modification (slab rail sensor and one-touch mounting sensor cannot be installed)
- Corresponds to various overhead wire pole installation
● Cant inclination angle is about 4 degrees
*Product number <1742> will be discontinued.

Product content
- Wide PC curved rail C317-45-WP (F)
- Runner parts: wide rail joint