Tomix 1812 Double Track  DS280 (F) 2 pcs N Scale

Tomix 1812 Double Track DS280 (F) 2 pcs N Scale

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Tomix 1812 double track rail DS280 (F) 2 pcs N Scale

A 280mm long double-track rail that uses the Tomix rail's standard double-track spacing of 37mm.
The sleepers represent PC (concrete type), so it is an essential item when considering an urban rail plan.
It can be used as a rail for the horizon as it is, or as an elevated rail when used together with various dedicated bridge piers.
Like the basic (single-track) rail, DC feeder N, overhead wire pole, and one-touch mounting sensor to supply electricity for vehicle running can also be installed.

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Double track rail DS280 (F) (set of 2)

-Straight rail with a length of 280 mm
-Adopts the standard double track spacing of 37 mm for the Tomix rail
Easy and secure connection
-Ballast parts and PC sleepers are printed and painted
- Supports multiple lines
- Can be used as a horizontal rail
-It can also be used as an elevated rail by using various dedicated bridge piers sold separately.

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- Double track rail DS280 (F) × 2