Tomix 2005 JR Steam Locomotive Type C57 Number 180 N Scale

Tomix 2005 JR Steam Locomotive Type C57 Number 180 N Scale

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JR C57 steam locomotive (No. 180)

It is the 180th C57 steam locomotive known by the lady's name.
Belongs to JR East Niitsu Driver's Office, he is active in leading "Banetsu Monogatari".
Part number 2005
Name of JR JR C57 steam locomotive (No. 180)

● High grade (HG) specification, fine scale model
● Battle Story Story Puller C57
● Accurately reproduce the figure of around 2003-2005
● Install a motor with a flywheel in the boiler
● Main unit headlights lit (ON / OFF possible)
● Charcoal water car headlights on
● See-through shaped plate wheel adopted for the front wheel
● Cab light windows can be opened
● Handrail is factory-installed using metal wire
● Release lever separate parts already installed (both before and after)
● Parts included with the front indicator lights
● Parts already equipped with integrated lenses of the coal-powered water car sign light
● Parts by ATS on board
● License plate is attached in black
● Front coupler included for heavy-duty operation
● Printed head mark included
※ Minimum passing radius: C280 or more

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Product content

● C57 (180th machine)

● Runner parts: head mark
● Runner parts: Number plate
● Runner parts: Handrails, etc.
● Runner parts: TN coupler for heavy duty
● Runner parts: Heavy duty Arnold coupler
● Runner parts: Charcoal-turbine TN coupler
● Runner parts: front marker lights
● Runner parts: signal flame tube
● Parts: pedestal with water heater
● Parts: ATS onboard