Tomix 2009 JR C58 Type Steam Locomotive (No. 239) N Scale
Tomix 2009 JR C58 Type Steam Locomotive (No. 239) N Scale

Tomix 2009 JR C58 Type Steam Locomotive (No. 239) N Scale

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JR C58 type steam locomotive (No. 239)
C58-239 was revived from static storage for the operation of SL trains on the Kamaishi Line as a reconstruction project from the Great East Japan Earthquake, and is now used on the ``SL Ginga'' between Hanamaki and Kamaishi.
SL Ginga is scheduled to end its service in the spring of 2023 due to the aging of the passenger cars it uses.

Product number 2009
Product name: JR C58 steam locomotive (No. 239)

●High grade (HG) specifications
-Reproduce the original appearance in 2014 with no decorations on the water heater or run board with a new production.
-The headlights of the main body are both equipped with small LP405 types, and the headlights of the hydrocar are reproduced with large LP403 types.
-Number plate comes with separate parts [C58-239 (black background)]
-Head mark “SL Galaxy” included
●A motor with a flywheel is installed inside the boiler section.
-Headlights are equipped with a constantly lit board
-The headlights of the main body and the coal car are lit (auxiliary lights are not lit)
- Spoke wheels are used for the front wheel
●Cab light window can be opened and closed
●Handrails are factory-installed using metal wires
-Release lever is reproduced with separate parts (both front and back)
-The indicator light of the coal car is integrated, and the lens is a separate part.
-Front coupler included for heavy-duty operation

Product content

-Runner parts: license plate
-Runner parts: handrails, etc.
-Runner parts: Snow plow/heavy duty coupler
-Runner parts: Heavy duty TN coupler
-Runner parts: TN coupler for coal cars
-Runner parts: head mark
-Runner parts: signal flame tube
●Parts: Head mark pedestal
●Parts: Tip beam